Week 6 Picks: 12-22* & Beyond!

(* My current record with predictions...boo-yah!)

Week 6 Picks: 12-22 and Beyond!

With my too-formal previews already up on Write On Sports (I'm working on it) and at least one pick (the Open Cup game) already coming good - in the main, anyway - over on the Real Salt Lake Offside’s predictions league, it’s time to lay down my marker for this space. For the record, though, I’m totally serious about LA v. Revs being the match of the week; I also like Red Bull v. Rapids and would really, really like to get excited about Chivas @ the Crew, but...well, you know...

Colorado Rapids v. Real Salt Lake
Even with the Rapids eating all the dookie Houston could dish out last weekend, and even with RSL’s stirring comeback against Red Bull...I can’t see anything but a RAPIDS WIN. It’d be better, for the rivalry if nothing else, if RSL wins, but...again, you know...

Toronto FC v. Chicago Fire
I not only expect a FIRE WIN, but bet a pint of warm domestic beer that Toronto will still not score; the Fire is too tough on defense. I will, however, leave open an escape hatch: I like TFC’s chances of scoring better if Ronnie O’Brien plays. Winning, not so much, but scoring, yes. The bet stands regardless.

Columbus Crew v. Chivas USA
Two weeks ago, this would have looked like something to see: now, with the Crew apparently bewildered at the concept of scoring and the Chivas defense looking patchy, this one winds up being a question of how each team’s strengths and weaknesses meet the other’s. For instance, does the good Chivas defense get the better of a good Crew defense; or will it be the feeble Crew offense sneaking through a feeble Chivas defense? I called a draw in the predictions league, but think the Chivas defense is just what the Crew ordered: CREW WINS - probably ugly...and Ezra scores again.

Kansas City Wizards v. FC Dallas
How I wish Dallas was playing better; I’m dying to know what KC really has this year. But between their recent layoff and their form heading into the same, the unknowns have me wondering whether the Wizards will play the entire season as kind of a mystery team. The draw I called in the predictions league still feels OK....I guess. DRAW - with goals (I think).

LA Galaxy v. New England Revolution
Here we have the Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong-Dust-Up of the Week, the Bona Fides Stakes, if you will. Both teams want to assume the Alpha Aura for purposes of intimidation down the line. Calling this for New England amounted to an act of faith and optimism conjured perhaps by Ryan Hunt calling the Revs the surprise team of the season thus far. Though I’m getting cold feet, the words of my S.A.T. coach* keep returning: stick with your first answer. OK, then. REVS WIN - and their moxie gets moxier.

(* Fictitious character: In truth, a raid on the folks’ liquor cabinet the night before my first crack at the test rendered me incapable of sitting. No coach taught me that one.)

Red Bull New York v. Colorado Rapids
Assuming the Rapids make good on my call above (I’m waiting for them to bone it, just to spite me), they could come to Sunday’s game with a misguided swagger; but Red Bull’s late collapse against RSL should have them looking to make amends. As such, NEW YORK WINS - though not by much...unless that Angel kid lives up to the hype.

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