Junk-Drawer, 06.25: Starting "Clavijo Watch" etc.

Rounding up some odds and ends from today...at least those not involving the Gold Cup....

- Maybe this is my chagrin at Colorado's play on Sunday morning talking, but a switch flipped in my head telling me that Fernando Clavijo will be the next coaching casualty in MLS ranks - or, rather, that he should be. It seems drew epperley at WVHooligan is also thinking about coaching hot seats, though his #1 is different (and no less justified) than mine. But, yeah, I'd be baying for pink slips if I were a Colorado fan.

- LA Soccer News reveals that the blown calls in Canada's semifinal against the U.S. still sting in some quarters. I can't say I blame 'em...even if I'm happy we went on to win.

- I don't think it's "official" yet - at least not in the sense of appearing on MLSnet.com - but it looks like Santino Quaranta will indeed move away from the ocean and into the American Heartland with a trade to the Kansas City Wizards. I'm not a Wizards fan, but can't say this would excite me if I were.

- If you want anecdotal evidence that Mexican fans second Alexi Lalas' tirade against the English Premier League, well, here you go.

- Finally, hats off to the Offside Rules for posting the best single item I've seen all day. Chivas fans - or at least the touchy ones - are advised to avoid the above link.



The Beautiful Game said...

four posts in one day, damn.

good stuff, definitely didn't go unnoticed.

my thoughts: only like 10 non-Canadians in the world right now remember the calls in the semifinal. and that's because they have bitter Canadian friends that don't let them forget

Allen said...

I'm slowly building the website www.FireClavijo.com.

Next item to add, the Rapids have only won 5 of their last 20 games.

The Manly Ferry said...

Great googly-moogly! Didn't know it was that bad...yup, can the man...or hire him out as a talent scout.