MLS Week 9 Collective Rankings

With one exception, Sports Illustrated’s Ryan Hunt, the Semi-Detached Pundit Collective (SDPC) has rendered its somewhat baffled judgment on Week 9 of Major League Soccer’s 2007 season. Since I don’t have time for a lot of commentary today, here’s the short version: dude, it’s a mess.

Perhaps to compensate for the loss of Msr. Hunt’s contribution, this week’s collective rankings adds a feature: a parenthetical acknowledgement of where each team stood in last week’s rankings.

Moving on, here’s the source material for this week’s SPDC rankings:

It’s a Simple Game
The Other Football
Sideline Views (Luis Bueno)
Soccer by Ives (Ives Galarcep)
My Soccer Blog
MLS Underground

Und jetz, der rankings!

1. Kansas City Wizards, 1.1 (last week: 2/3; 2.8)
2. Red Bull New York, 2.0 (last week: 1st; 1.1)
3. New England Revolution, 3.1 (last week: 2/3; 2.8)
4. DC United, 4.4 (last week: 6th; 5.4)
5. Colorado Rapids, 5.1 (last week: 4th; 3.9)
6. FC Dallas, 6.9 (last week: 5th; 5.1)
7. Toronto FC, 7.1 (last week: 8th; 8.9)
8. Chivas USA, 8.0 (last week: 7th; 7.4)
9. Houston Dynamo, 8.4 (last week: 9th; 9.4)
10. Chicago Fire, 9.0 (last week, 11th: 10.5)
11. Los Angeles Galaxy, 11.3 (last week: 10th; 9.9)
12. Columbus Crew, 12.0 (last week: 12th; 11.3)
13. Real Salt Lake, 12.6 (last week: 13th, 12.9)

OK, really, some quick comments:

- There's fairly real buy-in for DC's improvement and, appropriately, a more subtle buy-in for the more subtle improvements occurring with Real Salt Lake; Houston also gets honorable mention, but that could have as much to do with the lousy West and picking up their first win in ages.

- The bigger climbers, though, include: the Chicago Fire (for an aggregate improvement of 1.5!?); the Wizards (1.7); and, the winners by a hair, Toronto FC (1.8). Holy crap. Maybe they are playoff-bound.

- The big losers: the Rapids 1.1 is a pretty big drop, as was the 1.4 slap put on LA; but that 1.8 hurt the Collective put on Dallas says the most.

All for now. Gotta go.

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Mike H said...

Hello Manly,

Thanks for putting this together. It's great to see how everything averages out.

Proud member of the SDPC.