OPEN CUP: Only the Future Matters Now

As all y'all know by now, the second round of the Lamar Hunt U.S. Toshiba Electronics Head-On Topical Analgesic Open Cup (let's see, that's LHUSTEH-OTAOC) wrapped up last night. And I'm sad to report that the only amateur team remaining in the tournament - Bavarian SC - didn't make it through last night...I hate you Carolina Railhawks...

You can find all the scores here, but it's The Big Board that tells us what happens next - e.g. who's playing what Major League Soccer (MLS) team (NOTE: I decided a bit ago that I have to stick with MLS, U.S. Men's news to prevent Mission Creep). And, to give full credit where it's due, Mike H over on My Soccer Blog provided the excellent service of stating where, specifically each third round game will go down.

With those resources at hand, here are my candidates for third-round upsets (and may they happen):

Rochester Raging Rhinos v. New England Revolution
I only say this because it's happened before...2005, if I'm not mistaken. (Yep, I'm was 2004.)

Richmond Kickers v. LA Galaxy
Have you seen LA's road record this year? Hell, have you seen LA?

Carolina Railhawks v. Chicago Fire
It's Chicago, so why not?

Anyway, I'm sure other upsets are possible - I mean, on their day, Colorado and FC Dallas could lose to a team of blind, one-legged orphans - but, in all honesty, I'm thinking LA has most reason to be nervous....though it sounds like they are already plenty nervous.


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