Sarachanned! (cont'd.)

I already posted my immediate reaction to the sacking of "Big" Dave Sarachan, but have come across some good stuff since then...just thought I'd share.

To begin, no commentary could be complete without checking in with The Chicago Fire Offside blog. Naturally, a good post appeared there and you'll find some real gems in the comments.

Elsewhere, Luis Arroyave throws in more quotes from Chris Armas, who was clearly unhappy with Sarachan being "relieved" of his duties. The money line in that collection:

"Dave believed in the organization. He loved the players," Armas said. "As he goes, Jesse [Marsch] goes, and then we leave--what's left out there? Maybe a whole new team."

Finally, Ives Galarcep weighed in as well and, I'm bound to admit, he framed the writing on the wall a little better than I did:

"Chicago was respectable last season but instead of building on that the Fire has been mediocre and could be in danger of missing the playoffs."

When I write about a "lack of sunshine on the horizon" that's what I'm getting at: even with the full squad that started the season, Chicago didn't look like much; they were too old in some places, too young in others.

Knowing Armas will retire after this season, I kind of feel for the guy - not least because he's definitely had his share of shitty luck. Anyway, your swan-song ought to be opposed to the sound of the swan beind slowly strangled...


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