Top 5, 06.29: Better Copa Chatter; DC Win, The Shirt

Behold, the Web's bounty...

- Since I couldn't see the game (which is not Comcastic), I read reports on the U.S. loss till they all sounded the same - e.g. man, did we lose and why, Eddie Gaven, why? A couple stood above the others, though. Dan Loney's reply to a reader email on "what it all meant" says what I wanted to say earlier...only better (Dan Loney Says It Better?). So, good thing I posted the video...

The best detail line I saw came from Jen Chang's analysis on his ESPN blog, in the section on Eddie Johnson. For what it's worth, I concur with this statement: "...[Johnson] still remains too much of a one-trick pony for me. He's great at running onto through balls, but that's about it." The elaboration from this point, particularly on EJ's hesitancy, is worth the gander too.

- DC United jumped on the Colorado Rapids Argentina-style last night (i.e. late, and by the same score), but the thing that caught my eye was Fred's evangelical celebration. Now, neither The DCenters or The Offside Rules took offense at Fred's choice of celebration - and they're absolutely correct in that; The Offside Rules took it a step farther by questioning the referee's decision to issue a yellow card. Yeah, Fred's free to don that shirt, but it just sticks in my craw that a player would catch all kinds of hell - and, likely, bad publicity - for showing a t-shirt with the message "There Is No God." Just makes me cross, the way free speech works the player who wears an aggressively atheist shirt would get fined to boot...

- Anyone have any idea why MLS Newsstand is stuck on Monday? Did they move it? All I know is I'm not about to go back to checking all those damn regional papers.

- Is it just more or is this the wildest season for trades in MLS history? Fox Soccer has a useful feature recording all but the most recent trades.

- Finally, I don't do previews any more (I'm actually going to try something new shortly) but I still admire them when they're done well. And the one Wiz turned in for The Real Salt Lake Offside wonderfully frames this weekend's game between Real Salt Lake and Toronto FC. Give this man a job in the marketing department.



D said...

Let me point out here that I am an atheist, and would love to see an atheist shirt. It would make me very happy. And I also indicated that I don't agree with the sentiment, I feel the card is deserved, but I think Fred should catch no hell for it either since it is his moment. He earned it. Nobody gets hurt with that moment of evangelism.

I always wanted to make a parody of Kaka's "I BELONG TO JESUS" shirt with one that said "WE BELONG TO CHRISTIAN... GOMEZ."

The Manly Ferry said...

Interesting split on the card; and thanks for noting it for the record.

Related to the points made on both sites (e.g. The Offside Rules (TOR) and The DCenters), I think the league - FIFA as a whole - opened up a can of worms by micro-managing goal celebrations, i.e. taking shirts off, etc. I think that's where TOR was going with the comment about Clint Dempsey's celebrations. For the record, I say you by and large leave the damn things alone; about three quarters are contrived or silly, anyway. They ought to hew to the old Supreme Court standard...I know "excessive" when I see it. As such, I don't think the card was warranted, even if, um, it was under the current rules. The point is, the rules are kinda silly.

For the record - and it's probably obvious - I lean atheist.

I'm still unable to believe Dwayne DeRosario didn't catch hell for the shirt he exposed after scoring the winner in the 2001 MLS Cup...I mean, think of the timing on that. Surprised, but pleased all the same. Speech is speech.