Jaqua for Gray: Um...what?

The news: Nate Jaqua goes to the Houston Dynamo and Kelly Gray to the Los Angeles Galaxy, as reported late last night in the Houston Chronicle.

Since I'm not the first to comment on the trade that sent - fittingly, Laurie at the Los Angeles Galaxy Offside has already weighed in, closing with a plea to end the trading madness - let me be the most ornery.

LA made out on this one. A Galaxy team struggling to do much of anything well picks up a player who can plug holes nearly anywhere on the field - including even getting on the end of a Beckham cross if needs be - and plug them pretty well. Going the other way, the Dynamo picks up Nate "Gawkus Maximux" Jaqua, a man whose last goal - the only one this year, by the way - came off an as yet unconfirmed body part that was not his foot or head. And they gave a second-round pick to the Galaxy? I'm not seeing it.

Maybe Ching's lingering injuries prompted the move; maybe they're worse than we all (or at least I) think. Maybe Jaqua will rediscover the form from his Chicago days; the Dynamo's style - which features lots of crosses and set-plays - certainly plays to Jaqua's strengths of battling in the six and cleaning up scraps. Supposing this will happen, though, represents the triumph of hope over experience. I can't see this helping Houston...LA, on the other hand, may finally have gotten away with something (as opposed to continuing the 2007 tradition of self-sabotage).


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