Soccer team uniforms

It started in nhl and I started wandering would this be same with soccerThe question came about because the NBA, beginning next season, will let teams sell ads on their practice jerseys and is exploring allowing them on game jerseys.

I understand the economy stinks and leagues are looking for any way to give teams a financial boost. But jerseys, to me, almost always have been sacred, haven't they? We accept ads on the fire retardant suits of NASCAR drivers because we know that sport always has been sponsor driven. We don't blink when soccer jerseys don't even have the name of the team because, well, it's always been that way. But when it comes to hockey, the team name is supreme, the look of the uniform paramount.
Growing up, I even rooted for teams in all of the major sports (outside my hometown teams, of course) that had the best looks.
So let prepair for some new Soccer team uniforms look.

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