Soccer stamps

Today I was boring and decided to take a look on something that was on my mind, is there some soccer related stamps? I mean, I know that there is various and various themes and people who collect them (philatelist) probably know this, but me, just ordinary soccer fun, I wanted to find out more, if there are some soccer stamps on this world, how do they look, when and where they are printed etc.

You couldn't image what I found :) From this, for example, stamp from Hungary dedicated to football, various beautiful database of soccer stamps , up to make your own stamp service, You wouldn't believe:) 

If  You are interested visit those links, You will be amazed like me, also if You are football stamps fun read next part of this story with some more images and prices for those stamps.

Also, since like I said was bored, I also playd some great online football games, and my advice to try simple 3D soccer game called kick fusion,  where you need to put goal from free kick, interesting and funny, so if you are like me, bored today, and you love football, look at some stamps and play some soccer games.

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