Free online football games to play

Video games have always been popular along kids and teenagers, in start mostly of those were platform or sport games (various Olympic games, athletic games, free online ootball games, free kick games, hockey games, tennis games and similar types of games).   During last 20 years, that trend changed a bit.Gaming industry growing on daily base, now video games are played still most in kids and teenager population but a lot of seniors playing various kind of computer games. 

On the other hand, football (soccer) is one one of the most popular sports, especially in Europe. When You consider those 2 facts, you will understand why many people entertain playing soccer/football online, or downloadable football  games. My intention is to pay attention on free online games where you can play soccer, shoot free kicks or something else, because you can play them if you are on your job for example. I noticed that many people who generally like various online (flash) games, are mostly dedicated to playing at work :)

(sample screenshot that explains that ordinary online games can be well designed and interesting like expensive and hardware depended soccer games)

Those are reasons, why I decided to review best free online games related to soccer. But not some expencive 2 DVD super giga 3D games, actually totaly ordinary,  free and simple soccer games that You can find and play for free online. Sometimes when i have enoght time i am playing them, to help You to play from home or job to short your time I made small review of footbal games that You ca play online for free. All of those games are so fast to load, so if You have broadband connection this will not take more that 1 minute. So here we go with some simple  online football games.

Real soccer games (full 11 on 11 game)

Side Kick game, is complete soccer game with 22 players. Like good old soccer games on old computers like Amiga or Commodore 64, You are looking almost from top and trying to make goal. Official description says: "Side Kick 2007 is a great top view soccer game with 22 players and even a soccer referee! Your mission is to shoot goals, of course! Select your opponent soccer players, the computer or another human, then choose your nationality and click OK.Use the arrow keys to move and CTRL for action. You can also configure other keys in the options menu. If you like to watch a soccer match instead of playing yourself, let the computer play both soccer teams. It's real fun!"

(screen shot from side kick game)

If You ask me, that is almost perfect, in my scale from 1 to 10 it is about 8. Sample of screenshot that You can see is from my game China vs Turkey. it is not fancy game, but it is easy to use and navigate.

Next game that i choose for You is Crosing cup footbal game, and unlike previous it is fancy with all those 3d stuffs and effects but it is also a realy easy to use.

On this sample screen from Crossing cup game You can see my match Germany vs Sweden. It was hard, i won 1:0 in last minute. Huh! This game requires some more skills than previous game, and it has great camera movement. What is most important it is free. So here You go, start playing some online soccer now.

Funny soccer games (non 11 on 11 games)

When I say funny football games, I mean on those that are not realstic, and in which you don't play 11 on 11 soccer, for example like this one called simple city soccer game where You are first choosing who You are choosing one of 2 beautiful girls (that reminds me on Tampa Bay breeze :) ) 

Vida or Lauren and goalkeeper is Alexa, so we can say freely that this is some kind of womens soccer game, and then... I don't to write You everything go and try it is funny, characters are like from cartons and soccer ball have some strange trajectories, but believe me playing soccer with Vida, Lauren and Alexa can be relay funny.

Next from m favorite online football games that i like to play is Baggio magical kicks game, You remember baggio? This online game is related to him, the goal of this game is to to what Baggio's specialty was: free kicks. I think that screenshot talk everything. Game is attractive, ball have nice control and trajectories, and You need some really good skill in this game to win. it is also free like other football games here and You will load in Your browser this games in less than minute. Actually all games are playable, fast and free so I will not repeat that anymore.

At the end, latest but best simple online game ever, and my number one, Free Kick fusion game, from my FAVORITE non 11 on 11 soccer (football) games.

screenshot from free kick fusion

This online footbal game is my favorite game because of more reasons: it is very fast to load so I can play at work, it has simplest user interface for an soccer game that I ever sow, you control everything with one button of mouse, ball in this game can make fabulous trajectories, You can control some beautifully shots. Sometimes i play this game about 1-2 daily, and actually I go there just for few minutes, and stay playing for few hours. For me this is stunning soccer game and absolutely number one of my list of favorite free online games.

You gonna love this soccer (football) online games, believe me, use links provided here and play each of them and feel free to post here your impressions, if I found that there is interesting, I will add more online soccer games reviews, nut also, some other sports that you can play online, handy and simple flash games that can be played from home, school or job...

UPDATE: I found some old  slime volleyball game, and slime football game, it is so simple and so cute that You gonna love it if You love slime games. I am preparing new post about slime soccer games, believe me You will love it, in mean time, feel free to try  those slime sports games because I think that they are wonderful for relaxing and entertainment. Also, look at full review of Fusion Free Kicks game and tell me what other soccer games you are interested in so I can digg and review them.

Also, since this post was about where to find and play soccer games, I got a lot response where readers asks where to find sex online or some sex games, that will be probably my next post. If you like idea to examine this topic about finding online sex games and real sex partner feel free to leave message in comment.

Football stamps again

I already wrote once about soccer (football) stamps in past, but found again on same site more soccer stamps, and i am amazed, 5-6 stamps in huge format from French 1938 up to modern times and Italy and Portugal stamps. For example football stamp from France (1938) : 

I am excited when see something like that because I am huge fan of soccer and of everything related to soccer, so maybe I start myself to collect only footbal stamps, if there are some soccer stamps collectors, please feel free to contact me (leaving comment here) since i would like to know something more about this subject and philately but especially about soccer philately, because that is very attractive to me, I collected balls, and small images of football platers when I was a kid, maybe now it is time to have an adult hobby like soccer stamps collecting :)

World cup 2010 betting

We were talking in last months much about incoming world cup 2010 in Africa, and mentioned few times world cup fixtures and all that stuffs, even i was kidding asking You to tell me, what You think can this beauty predict soccer results :) So that all mean that we all love to place some bets. And this world cup 2010 will be great opportunity to test our luck.

It will bu much more talks about betting for next world cup, but there is a time, I will open separate section  about world cup and there we will talk about everything related to wc2010 from analysts, predictions, quotes and much more.

In mean time, I found great source for all people who like gambling and betting. In our case especially betting. That is some kind of sportsbook review, actualy that is complete casino reviews site which monitors casinos and sports book. When I say monitoring, I mean that they provide valuable information about legal casino and what is our interest: about sports books that are reputable, accept many online payment options what is crucially important, what You have if You have great bet or tip, which You play at no reputable casino or sports book who will not pay to you when You won? This is very important, so for now take a look, You can even open account in any of those reputable sports books and start playing with demo accounts, when wc2010 starts, I will give You some very good tips which really can make some money to You. For free of course like everything that You get on this blog.

This was small introduction to our next year venture, called "lets make some money on world cup". Of course I mean on soccer predictions and betting.  In next days and weeks I will give small introduction about online betting for those who never placed a bet in their life and advanced tips for experienced players, until then enjoy discovering working principle of online sports books, so I can give You some matches to start experimenting.

In mean time, if you are fun of video games and football lover, look at some free online football games that I found and wrote about for you.