Soccer Golf ?!

"Soccer Golf" :) You gonna love this, I found this for all soccer and golf lovers at free patents site, patent of game soccer-golf , rules are:

"A method for playing a sport that includes the following steps: (1) a fee is paid by a player, (2) the player places a ball on the ground at the beginning of a course (the course contains a plurality of goals), (3) the player kicks the ball towards the first of the goals, (4) the player scores a goal by kicking his ball into the first goal, (5) the player tabulates the number of kicks required to score the goal, (6) the player records the results of his tabulation and assigns one point for each kick required, (7) the player moves to the next goal and repeats steps 3-6 for each successive goal until the course is complete, and (8) the player determines his final score by adding the number of points required to complete the course. The player with the lowest point total is the winner."

Crazy stuff, but maybe worth to try I like all sorts of  video soccer games, but also like idea about game like this one, it would be nice that somone wrote video game to try it virtual and that if we love it to start playing soccer golf in your fields:)