World Cup 2010 final draw and schedule

Final FIFA world cup 2010 draw and final world cup schedule is finally there!

We were waiting for this long time, so much talks about world cup fixtures, and other more and less important stuffs from analyzing team power, predicting results of world cup to some betting and where find world cup tickets to other topics.

So here it is, final world cup 2010 draw, read, analyze and enjoj, tommorow we will all togeter discuss about results.

Update: We are facing new world cup in 2014, it is maybe real time now, to take a  look  at world cup 2014 tickets, since in next 2 years tickets prices will be much higher. I will write more in future about incoming 2014 world cup, which is this time  in Brasil.

FIFA World Cup Draw December 4th

Today we are all inpatient, once in 4 years we can see this, is an occasion that the fans of the 32 qualifying nations and football lovers in general always look forward to, though the same cannot be said of the national coaches involved. That same blend of anticipation and dread will be in evidence once more on Friday evening when the Final Draw of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa takes place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.


The show gets under way at 19.00 (local time) and no matter who gets drawn with who, there are sure to be some coaches smiling at their good fortune and others who might be more inclined to burst into tears.

The whole of South Africa has been eagerly awaiting this moment since it was given the honour of being the first African country to organise the finals in May 2004. The tournament hosts will be hoping that actress Charlize Theron, one of the country’s best-known ambassadors, will bring them luck when she joins FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke in presenting the Final Draw.

Bafana Bafana are one of the seeded teams and will be in good company in Pot 1, where they will be joined by five former winners of the competition with 15 wins between them: Brazil (5), Italy (4), Germany (3), Argentina (2) and England (1). Completing the elite octet are Spain and Netherlands.

France and Uruguay, the two other former champions, will be feeling slightly more nervous about their prospects ahead of the big night. The illustrious duo only scraped their way into the finals at the last minute following close-fought play-off matches and subsequently find themselves in Pot 4 and 3 respectively. 
In addition to the hosts, five other African teams will be hoping to avoid a tough draw to increase their chances of impressing on their home continent. Algeria, Cameroon and Nigeria are all back in the finals after absences of varying lengths, while Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire are both making immediate returns.

For their part, the Ivorians are no doubt praying for better luck this time around after being pitched in a devilishly difficult section four years ago. “In 2006, we had the hunger, but we lacked experience. Another thing is, we were given a tough group,” Elephants midfielder Yaya Toure told in a recent interview. “We don’t know who will be our opponents this time around, but I guess that is something we cannot control. We will have to play against whomever our opponents turn out to be.”

The coaches who will be attending the ceremony or following events live on TV or know full well that no matter what the Final Draw holds in store, their teams will still have to go out and beat the best if they wish to win the coveted Trophy. Four of the band of 32 have experienced that unique sensation during the course of their careers.

Italy coach Marcello Lippi was the man who guided them to glory at Germany 2006, while South Africa’s recently reinstalled manager Carlos Alberto Parreira achieved similar success with Brazil at USA 1994. And it was at that tournament that Seleçao coach Dunga had the pleasure of lifting the Trophy as the winning captain, an honour that also fell to Argentina’s Diego Maradona at Mexico 1986.

Dunga and El Diez are aiming to emulate Franz Beckenbauer’s achievement in winning the FIFA World Cup as both a player and coach. Der Kaiser is just one of the celebrities from the football world who will be on show at the International Convention Centre, along with other luminaries such as Michel Platini, Eusebio, Luis Figo, Roger Milla, Lucas Radebe, Ruud Gullit and David Beckham. Helping them make the occasion even more memorable will be a clutch of stars from other sports as well as a host of eminent public figures and well-known South African personalities.

Taking place on a huge wooden stage with a typically African backdrop, the Final Draw will be preceded by a ceremony featuring a series of speeches and a dazzling array of live music and dance performances.

Once the evening’s colourful entertainment is over, however, the audience’s attention will turn to four glass bowls containing 32 tiny little balls. All in all, it promises to be quite an occasion.

i will write tomorrow results of FIFA draw that will happened tonight and comments of course.

Free online football games to play

Video games have always been popular along kids and teenagers, in start mostly of those were platform or sport games (various Olympic games, athletic games, free online ootball games, free kick games, hockey games, tennis games and similar types of games).   During last 20 years, that trend changed a bit.Gaming industry growing on daily base, now video games are played still most in kids and teenager population but a lot of seniors playing various kind of computer games. 

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(sample screenshot that explains that ordinary online games can be well designed and interesting like expensive and hardware depended soccer games)

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Real soccer games (full 11 on 11 game)

Side Kick game, is complete soccer game with 22 players. Like good old soccer games on old computers like Amiga or Commodore 64, You are looking almost from top and trying to make goal. Official description says: "Side Kick 2007 is a great top view soccer game with 22 players and even a soccer referee! Your mission is to shoot goals, of course! Select your opponent soccer players, the computer or another human, then choose your nationality and click OK.Use the arrow keys to move and CTRL for action. You can also configure other keys in the options menu. If you like to watch a soccer match instead of playing yourself, let the computer play both soccer teams. It's real fun!"

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If You ask me, that is almost perfect, in my scale from 1 to 10 it is about 8. Sample of screenshot that You can see is from my game China vs Turkey. it is not fancy game, but it is easy to use and navigate.

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Funny soccer games (non 11 on 11 games)

When I say funny football games, I mean on those that are not realstic, and in which you don't play 11 on 11 soccer, for example like this one called simple city soccer game where You are first choosing who You are choosing one of 2 beautiful girls (that reminds me on Tampa Bay breeze :) ) 

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You gonna love this soccer (football) online games, believe me, use links provided here and play each of them and feel free to post here your impressions, if I found that there is interesting, I will add more online soccer games reviews, nut also, some other sports that you can play online, handy and simple flash games that can be played from home, school or job...

UPDATE: I found some old  slime volleyball game, and slime football game, it is so simple and so cute that You gonna love it if You love slime games. I am preparing new post about slime soccer games, believe me You will love it, in mean time, feel free to try  those slime sports games because I think that they are wonderful for relaxing and entertainment. Also, look at full review of Fusion Free Kicks game and tell me what other soccer games you are interested in so I can digg and review them.

Also, since this post was about where to find and play soccer games, I got a lot response where readers asks where to find sex online or some sex games, that will be probably my next post. If you like idea to examine this topic about finding online sex games and real sex partner feel free to leave message in comment.

Football stamps again

I already wrote once about soccer (football) stamps in past, but found again on same site more soccer stamps, and i am amazed, 5-6 stamps in huge format from French 1938 up to modern times and Italy and Portugal stamps. For example football stamp from France (1938) : 

I am excited when see something like that because I am huge fan of soccer and of everything related to soccer, so maybe I start myself to collect only footbal stamps, if there are some soccer stamps collectors, please feel free to contact me (leaving comment here) since i would like to know something more about this subject and philately but especially about soccer philately, because that is very attractive to me, I collected balls, and small images of football platers when I was a kid, maybe now it is time to have an adult hobby like soccer stamps collecting :)

World cup 2010 betting

We were talking in last months much about incoming world cup 2010 in Africa, and mentioned few times world cup fixtures and all that stuffs, even i was kidding asking You to tell me, what You think can this beauty predict soccer results :) So that all mean that we all love to place some bets. And this world cup 2010 will be great opportunity to test our luck.

It will bu much more talks about betting for next world cup, but there is a time, I will open separate section  about world cup and there we will talk about everything related to wc2010 from analysts, predictions, quotes and much more.

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This was small introduction to our next year venture, called "lets make some money on world cup". Of course I mean on soccer predictions and betting.  In next days and weeks I will give small introduction about online betting for those who never placed a bet in their life and advanced tips for experienced players, until then enjoy discovering working principle of online sports books, so I can give You some matches to start experimenting.

In mean time, if you are fun of video games and football lover, look at some free online football games that I found and wrote about for you.

World cup 2010 tickets

When it came close to championship (world cup) there are lat of scammers out there when we are talking about tickets. So, all tickets for the event will be sold by FIFA on their website. We expect further information in 2008 and the registration process to start sometime in 2009. As and when we have further information we will let you know.

Rest assured FIFA will give everyone plenty of time to register an interest so you won't lose out but there are no guarantees you will get a ticket.

This is a small warning to all who are planing to purchase world cup 2010 tickes. Average cost per ticket will be about $140 so if You find somwere cheaper or something be sure that is a scam, so again, buy tickets only and only from FIFA offical ticketing site.

As good example take a look closer case about false tickets for world cup 2010 :

As the excitement surrounding the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa gains momentum, tickets have been in high demand all over the world. While genuine tickets are sold online exclusively via the official website, unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of the great appeal of this event by trying to use the internet to sell tickets they do not possess. A special team from FIFA's Legal Affairs Division is working closely with international authorities to monitor the internet for such illegal offers and to take action to combat them.
FIFA and its ticket handling partner MATCH are warning consumers about any unauthorised ticket sales and the risk of purchasing fake tickets, which would result in the buyers not being able to access the stadium. FIFA would like to recall that one of the measures taken to prevent forgery will be to print the official match tickets only a few weeks before the event in South Africa in 2010.
One example of the cooperation between FIFA and the authorities is the great support received from the Police Central e-Crime Unit of New Scotland Yard in the UK in the fight against unauthorised ticket resellers operating via the web. As part of a major operation orchestrated by the Police Central e-Crime Unit targeting all unauthorised online football ticket resellers, New Scotland Yard is shutting down websites selling unauthorised 2010 FIFA World Cup match tickets in violation of UK anti-touting laws.
"Our work with New Scotland Yard is yet another example that we are taking serious steps to stop unauthorised entities from selling 2010 FIFA World Cup tickets. We applaud the work of New Scotland Yard in its efforts to ensure that our common goal to target and shut down illegitimate and unauthorised ticket sellers is achieved. We simply cannot accept that true fans are being cheated in this way," remarked FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke.
Many unauthorised operators are exploiting the popularity of the FIFA World Cup to lure unsuspecting fans across the world into purchasing illegitimate or unauthorised tickets and/or ticket-inclusive travel packages. FIFA is committed to supporting all fans in their efforts to purchase authentic tickets and ticket-inclusive travel packages through safe and legitimate sources.
Fans who are set to travel to South Africa can obtain tickets via, through inclusive travel packages from Participating Tour Operators selected by FIFA, and by buying FIFA-approved hospitality packages. MATCH Hospitality is the only entity which can offer guaranteed match tickets coupled with stadium hospitality benefits.
Comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding match tickets as well as the list of the appointed tour operators and MATCH Hospitality sales agents can be found on

World cup fixtures

This is november Update to Africa world cup fixtures, take a look(source Until we wait for world cup beginning short your time with my selection of free soccer games that you can play online.

14/11/09TBARepublic of IrelandRepublic of Ireland-FranceFrance
14/11/09 15:00MaputoMozambiqueMozambique-TunisiaTunisia
14/11/09 15:30FesMoroccoMorocco-CameroonCameroon
14/11/09 15:30LomeTogoTogo-GabonGabon
14/11/09 15:30KigaliRwandaRwanda-ZambiaZambia
14/11/09 16:00NairobiKenyaKenya-NigeriaNigeria
14/11/09 16:00OuagadougouBurkina FasoBurkina Faso-MalawiMalawi
14/11/09 16:00AbidjanCôte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire-GuineaGuinea
14/11/09 19:30CairoEgyptEgypt-AlgeriaAlgeria
14/11/09 20:00San JoseCosta RicaCosta Rica-UruguayUruguay
14/11/09 20:00WellingtonNew ZealandNew Zealand-BahrainBahrain
14/11/09 20:00OmdurmanSudanSudan-BeninBenin
15/11/09 17:00KumasiGhanaGhana-MaliMali
18/11/09TBAFranceFrance-Republic of IrelandRepublic of Ireland
18/11/09 21:00MontevideoUruguayUruguay-Costa RicaCosta Rica