I've got to test this thing in order to make some changes. As mentioned (I started with the word "announced," but this is a fucking blog; something that reaches only 5 people shouldn't be called an announcement) on my other site, I'm going to devote this space to blogging about soccer - primarily U.S. soccer. A chunk of the coverage will focus on the local team, the Portland Timbers. I say "a chunk," but it will likely be a small chunk: I don't have the time or freedom to get to many games and it's a bit hard to follow the A-League online when, like me, you like to actually see the action on the field in either clip or full form.

The remaining, and larger, chunk will focus on Major League Soccer (MLS) and the U.S. National team. I hope I enjoy doing this and hope other enjoy reading it.

For the record, this space started as a blog called Time-Clock Lobotomy. In the middle of trying to change the name to this one and, if that works, you'll see this under another title. If not, it'll keep the same, half-stupid/half-relevant and soldier on.

Well, let's get started.


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