Why I Lost Interest in England

Rather than dig into that question myself, here are two articles that explain the reason by implication:

1) Simon Tanton's essay against buying championships.

2) A piece by Kevin McCarra from the UK Guardian about the long-shot dreams of some lower-ranking Premiership clubs hoping to keep up with the elite.

As much as Major League Soccer's parity irks me, it at least keeps me and everyone else guessing. I just don't have the patience for nine months of soccer that ends with one of the same three teams taking the trophy - and that's even taking into account the better quality and appearance. The Champions League is a bit better, at least in terms of unpredictability and teams being closer to the same "social class," but the whole Tuesday/Wednesday thing is a killer.

In the end, I guess I'd just rather be surprised...even if the pervasive mediocrity in MLS drives me crazy sometimes.


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