Gold Cup Hiccup

Just a thing or two to throw out ahead of the Gold Cup.

On the practical level, Jeff Carlisle turned in his usual good work with his previews of tomorrow's games for ESPN.

But the one item that really caught my eye appeared at the bottom of a San Diego Union-Tribune article previewing the Gold Cup semis:

“It was just one of those days,” U.S. forward Taylor Twellman said after missing several easy chances in front of the net against Panama. “But we won, so who really cares?”

Someone call Twellman's mother. We need someone to seize his ear and yank him to the kitchen table for a stern talking to.

Who cares? WHO CARES?!

I'll tell you who cares, young man. About a third of the number of people showing in the Nielsens for U.S. Soccer games, that's who! You're paid to score goals, son. If I had an accountant doing his job as poorly as you did against Panama, he'd lose my business...and I'll warrant the business of many others as well.

Shape up, youngster.

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