When Revs Deal: Subtraction by...Subtraction

The Boston Globe reported this morning (or possibly yesterday) that the New England Revolution waived Daniel Hernandez - a personal favorite of mine, for the record - and that Joe Franchino will miss the rest of 2007. The same article mentions the impending/potential arrival of replacements, who are described by Revs coach Steve Nicol thusly:

"We are working on a couple. One's a name and the other's not a name but we think he will be a great player. We are close with some stuff, but it's not done until it's done."

To be blunt, those "couple" players had better be something more than a couple names I read in the paper. The Revs are stagnating so far as I'm concerned and that opinion doesn't lack for seconds. The team needs new blood - preferably in bodies more than a year or two removed from the college game. And suggestions that Steve Nicol views the "emergence" of Jeff "Big Red" Larentowicz to justify letting Hernandez go only ups the anxiety. (Yeah, I know Soccer New England's reporter wrote the line, but Nicol suggests it in his quotes in the prior link.)

Tell me you're ditching Hernandez to clear space, or because a train wrecked in his groin, that's one thing: but telling me Larentowicz is anywhere near as good...I'm not buying it.


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