Best Team in MLS?

An unexpected passage appeared in's "Tell Me About..." column on Major League Soccer "Best XIs." (Crap. How do I punctuate that?) For those not familiar with the concept, someone, somewhere builds a roster from all the teams in MLS selecting the eleven best players for the season past.

But, as for that unexpected passage, here's that:

"Despite entering the league in 1998 - two years after MLS was formed - the Chicago Fire lead all franchises with 16 Best XI selections (1998-2003). The Los Angeles Galaxy and D.C. United have each been represented on the Best XI 15 times."

I count that kind of a cool thing to flag. Yes, DC United has won the most championships by a trophy or two (or three), but they had their wilderness years from (was it?) 2000 to 2003 as well. By at least one measure - that'd be consistency - Chicago can stake a long-shot claim to the Best Team title.

No, I wouldn't count it either...but I probably would if I was a Chicago fan.


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Kinney said...

Well because these awards are voted on before the playoffs (where anything can happen) DC will at least be tied with Chicago at the end of this season. Actually, probably ahead. Gomez will make this years list like he did last year. Perkins will also most likely make this years list and Moreno has a decent shot at making it.

All of these three have a better chance than any Chicago player. Not because they are a worse team but because Sarachan has rotated his team to keep them fresh for the playoff run. Armas might make it, as there haven't been any game breaking d-mids this season and he is the sentimental choice coming back from injury. But that is about it.