Ah, It Was Guevara

The folks at MLS Underground posted what looks like a plausible explanation to the clusterf*@# that is/was the Amado Guevara trade. Turns out Amado refused the move. And before you blame Canada, it sounds like Mo Johnston was the issue (whose idea was it to force a reunion anyway?).

At any rate, there's something in there about Guevara considering only FC Dallas or a return to Honduras as well. Fun trade stuff, isn't it?

Here's more from LA Soccer News, the source that broke this story by getting the crucial part correct - e.g. that Chivas traded Guevara to TFC (so, it was correct, but affected by an Act of Guevara; by the way, are those always red card offenses?). And, from what they're reporting, it looks like Paulo Nagamura is still headed to Chivas.

UPDATE: Sideline Views has a couple good pieces on the Guevara situation: first, there's some speculation on the tactical adjustments to cover the (let's face it, small-ish) hole Guevara left behind; second, there's a nice post of memorable Guevara moments.


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