Timbers v. Necaxa

Due to the generosity and alertness of a friend, I'm off to see my first live game of the 2007 calendar year: an exhibition pitting the USL-1 Portland Timbers against Necaxa of the Mexican "Primera."

Why the scare quotes?

Because I came across an interesting passage at the bottom of the New York Times' article on Major League Soccer's salary set-up; here's that:

"¶The Mexican club Necaxa was forced to move its Copa Libertadores Round of 16 second-leg match against Nacional of Uruguay tomorrow to Azteca stadium in Mexico City. A scheduling conflict with a concert by the Colombian pop star Shakira ruled out the team’s La Vitoria stadium in Aguascalientes."

Seeing the word "tomorrow," and confirming that Necaxa will in fact play a Copa Libetadores tomorrow, got me thinking about what that means for today - e.g. what kind of players are these guys sending? I'm thinking 12-year-olds, perhaps bandy-legged ones (an adjective, by the way, that Joseph Conrad loved). Then again, it could be the same team that has Necaxa rooted at the bottom of Group 1 in the 2007 Clausura.

Still, a game is a game and I'm going to take it in with a smile. I haven't seen the Timbers yet this year in any case. If I see anything interesting, I'll mention it tomorrow.



Bob said...

It is primarily their "B" team. Here's the list. See if you recognize anyone. I didn't. For what it is worth the Timbers will be playing their reserves too. They have games on Friday and Sunday that are more important.

The Manly Ferry said...

Um....wow? I'm still trying to get my head around the concept that the Timbers have enough players on the roster to field reserves...