#$%ing Cheapskate: Can I Remain a Revs Fan?

OK, this is seriously the last post of the day. I've got to sort out my bets for the Derby and haven't done a lick of respectable research.

Upon seeing what the New England Revolution pays its players, I wrote the following (at least in part):

"Hell, who am I kidding? With, literally, 10 exceptions, the whole roster is a fucking bargain. How does [Bob Kraft sleep apnia at night? Players, boycott this douche bag!"

(Get the full take here, which covers not only the Revs, but the league as a whole.)

As much as I really, really want to get to horse racing research, I can't till I get my head around the sensation that continuing support of the Revolution somehow validates the way Kraft pays too many of his players; I feel like I'm complicit in "Cheapskate Bob" paying his players like some Gilded Age villian. Ugh, the bastard!!

With regard to the players, it makes me respect them more and less all at once. On the plus side, these men are more than consummate pros; they're almost super-fucking-human in their endurance; teams across the league should be able to secure not only their services, but their undying loyalty by tacking a fiver to new contracts. On the flipside, though, get out! Get out as soon as you can. Let the cheap fucker try to win the league with a bunch of kids out of college; the man deserves nothing less than bitter, bitter failure with his tax write-off.

OK. Think I'm done now. It's odd, y'know. Even as a borderline squishy "fan-of-the-league", the soft spots for this team and that remain. And knowing how close this team has taken me to (OK, given that it's a game, mildly absurd) happiness on three separate occasions, it really chaps my ass to see them get screwed by a guy who has the money with which to show his appreciation.

So, seriously, I wouldn't play for Bob if I were a player. I hope fewer of the good ones do till he changes his tune. And someone rescue Andy Dorman from this shitbag.


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