Cunningham to Toronto: Sure Looks Official

I can't link to it, but if you go to any time soon, you'll see that the Alecko Eskandarian thing involved shipping Jeff Cunningham the other way. I'm guessing there will be a full article before too long...maybe I'll pick at that tomorrow morning...

(Whoops, never mind; an article popped up while I was gabbing.)

Now, I wonder if and how LA enters into this one.

Here's another question: if you could be either player, which would it be? Hmmm...a city with a buttload of buzz, crazy seat-cushion throwing fans, a couple recent wins to brag about, and field turf? Or a place with fans slumping to morbid depression thanks to a total lack of wins, either real or prospective, a new, untried coach, a management team widely regarded as incompetent, and, again, field turf?

I'm feeling like we should all do a whip-around to get Alecko a care package.


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