Coleman Sacked; Open Arms Await Deuce

If you read MLS Underground's short post on the Fulham FC's sacking of Chris Coleman, you'll get to the answer that immediately follows for the Americans on the roster - to wit, "Is it safe?" (That site's "take," which comes at the end, is pricelessly worded.)

The same post points out that none of Fulham's Yanqui delegation has the worries of Clint "Deuce" Dempsey. The other two seem safe enough: Brian McBride would onlystruggle if he's forced to move, but that's due to age; where Bocanegra is concerned one gets the feeling he'd get picked up somewhere, a step down in divisions if nowhere else. But Dempsey doesn't seem to have caught on. And, courtesy of a piece in Soccer New England (hat-tip: du Nord), one wonders whether he ever will. Here's the arresting passage:

"First, the whole process of making the move to England was not easy. Dempsey is a family man for whom transferring overseas must have come hard, given his preference in his early career to surround himself with relatives."

There's more in there - and more that ain't credible psycho-babble, too - but Deuce has long seemed like a confidence player. His willingness to try things - one slick move here, a diving header there - made his game. And it's not that people haven't noticed a certain gun-shyness to his game (I cut him slack, but I'm the type to); think back to those 2007 U.S. Men's games and think to yourself whether he's the same player; I suspect the majority of fans would say no.

Perhaps the way this unfolds will continue the "go-abroad, son" debate that surrounds promising, young American bucks like Dempsey and Landon Donovan. First, should Dempsey come back if Fulham drops him? More important, if Dempsey does come back how many will brand him a failure? How many teams will want him? Will we all roll our eyes and give the next guy named "Clint" extra scrutiny before falling for him?

Stay tuned. Sounds like this one's just starting.


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Ilya said...

He would not have to, and probably would not, go back to the MLS. He can go play in the Championship to build more credibility.