Shhh...The Cancela Trade

I just finished commenting on the Colorado Rapids' acquisition of Uruguayan midfielder Jose Cancela from Toronto FC on another site - one with the motive to be more interested in the trade than me. At the same time, I kinda get the lack of urgency - after all, Cancela's hardly a designated player kind of guy; he's actually more like some square peg in this league.

By the same token, it's not the fact of this trade that gets my brain buzzing so much as the ample "whys?" invovled. Why did Toronto FC, a team that, based on Saturday's second half, is totally lacking in midfield creativity (or at least that's what I keep on reading) trade a fairly creative player? Yeah, there's the knock on his defending, but if he does enough to fix a crucial shortcoming, or provide depth for the same, why not keep him around?

From Colorado's perspective what do you do with the guy - specifically after Saturday's opener where things seemed to work well. Does he start for this team? As noted in yesterday's wrap, I didn't think much of Jovan Kirovski - don't know why anyone would at this point (though, in all honesty, I keep waiting; prove me wrong, dammit!) - so is he there to pressure him? It's not like the Rapids don't have two of MLS's premier holding midfielders in Kyle Beckerman and Pablo Mastroeni, so a defense-shy guy like Cancela could work with either of them.

Just a fascinating trade....


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