Day in Previews: Hat-Tip to MLS Zone

Sure, you can turn to your MSM outlets and read all about reasons to be optimistic about the Columbus Crew's chances this year (short answer: like a good salsa, they've finally melded). Or you could continue to perpetuate ESPN's strangle-hold on the soccer market by reading their previews for the Houston Dynamo (issues w/ depth, intensity), the Colorado Rapids (yeah, they've made some decent-looking additions, but what about chemistry?), and DC United (assholes are going to win the league unless Facundo Erpen throws away too much).

Or you could turn to the guy who runs MLS Zone and read his previews of the entire Western Conference. Assuming I'm not a sucker and he's not the soccer equivalent of an "astroturf" blog, he's just some other guy like me with too much time on his hands, but who sacrificed eating and hygiene to crank out these previews. Knowing how tiring that can be (shit...I gave up didn't I?), I feel obliged to acknowledge his labors. Here they are:

Los Angeles Galaxy
Real Salt Lake
Colorado Rapids
Chivas USA
Houston Dynamo
FC Dallas

My God! I feel so righteous just posting those. Guess I'll, um, read them now.

In all seriousness, I do know how hard it can be to maintain focus on this, so good work TJ (that's the dude who posted all them previews). And I did read them.



Doc M, phd said...

Since I gave you a hard time when I found your blog on, it's only fair.

The Manly Ferry said...

Oh, my word. I love the vibe on your space. That's fantastic.