LA v. FCD: Pop & Media Notes

Having already placed my marker on tonight's game (MLS Underground and Dan Loney also anted - and the latter righteously acknowledged the passing of the mighty, mighty Kurt Vonnegut) seems like there's nothing to do but wait for the thing to start. Fortunately, the Web has provided as we idly twiddle our thumbs.

FC Dallas Updates posted a surprisingly engaging behind-the-scenes look at how ESPN stage-managed tonight's pony-show; based on what I'm reading there, I'm expecting those intros that should recall player intros from the NFL. I only hope they don't hold the camera on the players too embarrassing.

Another item, this one from MLS Zone, reports that the losing American Idol contestant who says he humped Paula Abdul will sing the anthem tonight (that's him, right? If not, forgive me; I've only seen William Hung, or whatever that dude's name was who couldn't sing...and got famous for it....God Bless America!!).

With these two enticements, I'm definitely tuning in tonight.


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