2007 Season Previews: COMING SOON

Out of a desire to kick my own ass for absolutely no financial compensation, I’m embarking on my third or fourth (lost track) attempt to handicap each and every one of Major League Soccer’s (MLS), now, 13 teams. I think I’ve succeeded on one occasion, with all the others petering out once the season got underway.

There’s a good chance that will happen again this year. My “project outline” was built on the assumption that I’d spend two days on each team - the first stewing on the data, the second writing up the conclusions - but a quick count of days remaining till the regular season tells me that 26 days starting tomorrow pushes the “wrap date” to April 8 - e.g. the second day into the season. That may yet suffice, but, regardless of success or failure here, I expect this project to take up a lot of my blogging time. So, expect things to get thin ‘round here.

(NOTE: A curious side-note to that: my traffic count didn’t suffer even though I took yesterday off. As it turns out, a lot of my traffic comes through Google searches, which speaks to the advantages of babbling non-stop about damn near everything.)

In any case, I’m kicking off this project starting tomorrow. Just to avoid thinking about such things, I’ll work through the teams alphabetically. That makes the Chicago Fire the first subject....great...right as they’re wooing a major acquisition...like that won’t muddle any assumptions...



Rans Knive said...

love the blog....cant wait for the previews

The Manly Ferry said...

Thanks for that. I hope they're worth the wait.