(W)Revs Wrap: Whuppin' (Minor) Mexicans; CONCACAF Rankings

Over on The Offside, I posted some comments on the 7-0 hurt the New England Revolution put on Inter Playa del Carmen, a team from the Mexican Third Division (which is called, mysteriously, the Segunda Division). Opposition aside, that's the kind of scoreline that gives a body warm cockles.

The other Revs' news I've got to pass on came from an unusual place: a Luis Bueno piece for the Southern California Press-Enterprise. Right after he finishes previewing the looming Champs' Cup ties, Bueno does something I've never seen done: he ranked CONCACAF club teams. And here those are:


1. Pachuca -- Class of Mexico and the region.

2. Chivas -- Only league loss since November was against Pachuca.

3. Club America -- Boasts one of top offenses in region.

4. Houston Dynamo -- Reigning MLS champion survived tough cup quarterfinal series.

5. D.C. United -- New coach, new players could lead United back to cup glory.

6. Alajuelense -- Costa Rican leaders have won four consecutive matches.

7. Cruz Azul -- Mexican side could be in line for first title since 1997.

8. Puntarenas -- Costa Rican side narrowly lost to Houston.

9. Saprissa -- Traditionally one of Costa Rica's top sides.

10. New England -- MLS Cup runner-up brings back a quality side.

I can't say how he reached his conclusions - perhaps I'll ask him - but my first reaction was "Whaaa?" Even these aren't listed by order of ranking - for one, I don't think Houston would be Cruz Azul in two out of three matches, nor would I put them above DC United or high above the Puntarenas side they just edged in the quarterfinals - he's at least got New England in the correct spot. Then again, I'm not sure I'd put them on this list at all. I mean, I love my Revs, but in much the same way a mother loves her son posting a string of C's in elementary school.



Anonymous said...

Congrats, you beat 3rd> division Mexican side. Perhaps you can work your way up to the lower half of 1st division now.

BTW...your Portland Timbers play in the Second Division which mysteriously is called the USL First division...aaaah touche!

The Manly Ferry said...

Good to see that you got the joke.

The naming glitch is wonderfully universal, isn't it? After all, there's the "English League Championship" - which crowns the winner of their second division.