The Day in MLS Previews

Just a couple this time around.

Frank Dell'Appa looked forward at the New England Revolution's 2007 for ESPN. Not to dump on Frank, whom I generally like, but....yawn...oh...excuse me.

A second piece, which came from Ian Plenderleith at was quite a bit more fun, if a bit less informative. He wrote a short, sad-sack preview for each the teams in Major League Soccer (MLS) in the voice of a permanently disgruntled fan.

I have to say, I resemble far too many of those characters in there.



Kanell17 said...

I'll be doing a preview mighty soon too . . . I love doing that stuff . . .

Mike said...

I've no doubt that most of these previews have been finished for at least a week and are being rolled out on a schedule. Still, how does Dell'Appa's editor let him get away with not mentioning the Shalrie Joseph issue?

This could turn out to be a major snag for a NE team that, even with Joseph, is a weaker squad than they were in the fall. Like you said, the piece was prosaic; going back and plugging in a paragraph - or even [gasp] an opinion - about this major preseason news wouldn't have really messed with its *flow*.