Key MLS Dates for Coming Year

OurSports Central, which is seriously becoming a favorite haunt for me, posted a useful big-picture look at dates and basic rules for the various competitions involving Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs in 2007 competitions. We're talking U.S. Open Cup, CONCACAF Champions Cup, the (friggin' silly) MLS All-Star game, roster rules, etc.

But there's one item listed - the semifinal ties for the CONCACAF Champions Cup - that's prompting a bit of uneasiness for me. The OurSports release shows first leg semifinals dates on March 13-15, 2007. But, when I go over to the ever-reliable, and check in on the North, South, and Central American competitions section, I'm not seeing a listing and the 8-day reach of the Fox Soccer Channel section doesn't go far enough into the future.

So, yeah, getting nervous out here....



Anonymous said...

Soccertv while normally reliable is not on this one.

Both Semifinal matches are showing up in my comcast FSC guide (which goes forward 14 days.)

Also if you doubt me you can check the listings at

Black'n'Red or Dead

The Manly Ferry said...

If the corporate overlords at Comcast say they're showing it, that's good enough for me (and, for corporate overlords, they've got a bang-up customer service division, one of the bestest, nicest I've ever dealt with).

Thanks for the tip. I'll sleep easier and stock up on booze.

Eric PZ said...

I'm not sure how you can even read anything on OurSports. It's so full of extranious (think i spelled that correctly) stuff that it's difficult to read. Besides, they just take releases and throw them up. Not much checking for accuracy on there. Go with your other sources.