Yallop on the "American Style"

Tucked at the very end of an article about the Laurent Merlin's chance of catching on with the Los Angeles Galaxy - good story, by the way - is an engaging quote from Galaxy head coach, Frank Yallop. In discussing the question of whether Merlin will adapt to the American game, Yallop describes it like so:

"It’s a higher-paced game here. We really go at teams and we make sure that its an end-to-end game. It’s not so much possession, though I’m trying to change that a little bit here. I want us to be dynamic as well, though. I want good ball possession for our guys, but also breaking forward, American-style, a cavalier style that we all like to watch."

Is Yallop on the money there? Or is he just describing the English game?

I'm going to think about this one over the weekend (though not extensively) and see what I come up with.


Anonymous said...

In that case, DC United is the Arsenal of the MLS.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jeff, it's Laurie from Galaxy Offside. And how did YOU track down the Merlin article when I missed it? (After all, it's the French guy!!)

I'm a huge fan of French-style football and not so much of US. "It’s not so much possession" he says? Um...duh. When I'm depressed I watch the French NT. Such incredible ball control and skilled passing. Beautiful.

My favorite quote on the EPL-style of play came from Baros of Lyon. Something along the lines of, "In English football, when you touch the ball, they eat your legs." Still makes me giggle.

I'd love to see a merging of the styles. I think it would help the US in international play.

And I SO want to see Merlin on the Galaxy!