Grading Jeff Bradley Grading Trades

Jeff Bradley turned in a particularly intriguing First XI column for, this one looking at some of the bigger off-season trades and predicting how they'll turn out. You can check out Bradley's work for yourself, but, since few things are more fun than second-guessing, here's my take on Bradley's takes. Join the fun, if you like. For format, I'll just do a simple "right" or "wrong" and elaborate where necessary.

Taking them in turn:

11. Herron to Columbus Crew: Right.

10. Amado Guevara to Chivas USA: Right - Doubly so with Bradley noting the freedom he'll get with Sasha Kljestan and Jesse Marsch backing him up.

9. Greg Vanney to Colorado Rapids: Right - just about anyone would improve on last year's defense - even me.

8. Adrian Serioux to FC Dallas: Wrong - even if he's an improvement over the slow-footed Simo Valakari.

7. Kevin Hartman to Kansas City Wizards: Right - I still rate Hartman; he'll let in two goals all on his own, but will otherwise be solid.

6. Nate Jaqua to Los Angeles Galaxy: Wrong - As much as I like Jaqua, I don't think the break-out year will come...not this year, anyway. Then again, because this is the Galaxy we're talking, I might be confusing my wishes with reality.

5. Dave van den Bergh to Red Bull New York: Right - Someone, somewhere called this the steal of the off-season; I'm inclined to think he's right.

4. Freddy Adu to Real Salt Lake: Neutral- Bradley doesn't say this trade will prove good or bad, only that it will be interesting...can't disagree with that, I suppose.

3. Ronnie O'Brien to Toronto FC: Wrong - Bradley doesn't say much here, but I think O'Brien will be for Toronto what he's been for Dallas every year up to the last one.

2. Herculez Gomez to Colorado Rapids: Right - Clavijo will somehow bring out the best in Gomez; the Rapids environment will bring out his "nasty."

1. Joe Cannon to Los Angeles Galaxy: Wrong - Defense wasn't a huge problem for LA last year (they were second-best on goals against); this is the equivalent of standing pat.


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