Champs' Cup: Preview and Predictions

Write On Sports posted my preview for the second leg of the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions' Cup this morning, which makes me timely, for once. I'll admit upfront that I phoned in the games that don't feature MLS clubs, but I'm confident there's nothing too outlandish in there (and maybe that's a problem). The copy should read better for the games involving the MLS clubs, though I spent more time on Houston's second leg with Puntarenas and for the obvious reason.

At any rate, maybe it's the prospect of actual games that's possessed me with the urge to predict the future; whatever it is, I can't help myself. I only wish online gambling on this kind of thing wasn't such a hassle.

So, here's what I'm seeing happening (and I must have it bad seeing as I'm going to throw out scores as well):

Deportivo Marquense 0 - 1 Pachuca CF
CD Guadalajara 3 - 0 W Connection FC

Now....drumroll, please...

DC United 1 - 1 CD Olimpia
Don't ask me to justify this score in light of what happened in the first leg, the coaching changes for Olimpia, and climatalogical issues; there's something that tells me that the Hondurans will pull out something better in hopes of impressing any new or prospective coach.

Houston Dynamo 1 - 1 Puntarenas FC
This call speaks to the distance between what I want and what I expect will happen. While I do think Houston will play better - I'll go so far as to think they'll control tomorrow night's game (apart for some snippets tonight, this will be the only one I'll see in full) - the Costa Ricans don't need to play to win. As much as their stadium set-up - narrow field, crappy surface - no doubt helped Puntarenas defensively in the first leg, they still looked plenty composed. Moreover, they'll benefit from the better surface and conditions right along with Houston; there's also the ongoing fitness issue to consider. So, as much as I'm pulling for the second blowout in as many weeks for an MLS club, I'm calling this one against. I have no excuse.

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