So...What about St. Louis?

We all know by now that Real Salt Lake is "once and for all" sticking around Salt Lake City.

But what happens with St. Louis? Given the deadlines getting kicked around - e.g. you've got to the end of the week or else - it seems like they're halfway to getting a team of their own.

And, that's pretty close to what the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported this morning. Better still, I love what one of the key figures in bringing a Major League Soccer (MLS) team to St. Louis had to say about where things ended:

"It's not a good day for the effort to bring a team to St. Louis, but in the long run, it's probably a good day for MLS and for soccer in America."

All I can say, gentlemen, is give this man his team. Love the attitude.

And, according to the article, they're still gunning to have a team in St. Louis by 2008. If they were as close as it appeared, I'd like to think they'll get one.


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