(W)Revs Wrap, 02/02: Roster, Broken Noonan

Not a lot going on today. The only piece that excited me enough to pass it on was Andrew Hush's article for Soccer New England that kind of neatly framed where the New England Revolution stand as they begin preseason training.

Even there, the main motivation arose from word that Pat Noonan's body continues to hate. Worse, he's rocking injuries Brian McBride style these days; nothing like a cyst in the knee to recall the infamous blood clot (or whatever the hell it was) McBride had in his armpit (or wherever the hell it was) (Yup).

Other points of interest include the latest list of draftees - though half of 'em will be gone before long, so what's the point of remembering their names, right?

In all seriousness, I must be feeling a bit negative today (curse you, green-label Evan Williams!) because the one that stuck - after Noonan's freak injury, that is - is this:

"Beyond draft picks, the Revolution have not brought in any additional players during the off-season to supplement a squad that has lost the services of Clint Dempsey and Jose Cancela. The blow of losing the side’s two most creative midfielders has been softened somewhat by the re-signing of Daniel Hernandez and the retention, despite interest from foreign clubs, of Shalrie Joseph."

You know? Maybe we will hold onto the youngsters; there are holes to fill....


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