Timbers: Roster, Webcasts...Just Catching Up

I couldn't remember the last time I devoted a post on this site to the Portland Timbers without searching it. With the Timbers being an alleged focus of this blog, that's pretty sad. Worse, the last mention only came through another topic (for example). The last dedicated Timbers post appeared way back on February 2, 2007 - and that one carried a title that no one could possibly have understood. Dang.

Given all that, this week's post will be dedicated primarily to catching up - and it will also be the last time I will speak directly about catching up...unless, of course, I take another hiatus from weekly posts about the Timbers.

Fortunately, that will be easier than ever thanks to a deal the United Soccer Leagues (USL) crafted with Turner Broadcasting to broadcast USL games over the Web. Assuming I can work out the technology, every excuse I've got for missing Timbers games - money, baby-sitting, etc. - just evaporated (this assumption is far from automatic). While this makes me happy on one level, I've still got to figure the number of games I can view in a week winding up divorced...

Moving to more familiar terrain, I unearthed a few more Timbers'-related online resources today, all of which should help me keep up. I've mentioned the (100%-killer) Timbers Blog, which is hosted by the local MSM outlet, but there's also the Timber Mill, which is connected to the Soccer City USA message board: how I missed both of those sites for as long as I have, I'll never know. My visit to the Soccer City message board pointed me to IceFunk, some guy trying to establish a Timbers' presence on BigSoccer - and that seems to be working all right. After that, I've got the ol' bookmarks linked up to the rest of the local media, which means finding stuff shouldn't be all that hard.

Making time to post things, well, that's something else again. But between all that, I ought to find plenty of grist for posts; all y'all should too, I suppose, which raises questions as to what I'm doing here.

Moving on now to actual news...

...it's mostly personnel related. The most recent signing I'm seeing brought former Real Salt Lake defender Cameron Knowles to Portland. If you're looking for speculation, the aforementioned IceFunk linked to an article from a local biweekly titled the Portland Tribune to suggest that Andrew Gregor, who very briefly played for the Timbers a while back, may show up for a longer stint. The use of word "reportedly" in the article has me wondering whether this is done and dusted, but the world won't end if this turns out to be faulty.

Reaching back a little further (ahem, into the Timbers Blog archive), the Timbers signed a pair of players on February 16: Lawrence Olum and Kevin Meissner. Going back further still (yikes! February 4?!), that's when a pair of last year's players, Luke "Krispy" Kreamalmeyer and Lee Morrison re-signed with the Timbers. I'm embarrassed to admit that only Kreamalmeyer has managed to make a sufficient impression with me, but what success the Timbers enjoyed last year seemed to involve him; I draw a total blank when it comes to Morrison. For the rest of them, I have no friggin' clue. I'll have to see them play before saying much of anything.

Fortunately, that will be - or ought to be anyway - easier than ever to do. Looking forward to it greatly.

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