(W)Revs Wrap, 02.08.07: Lord Hernandez

There's too much plainly wonderful material in Frank Dell'Appa's latest offering in the Boston Globe, a piece in which Daniel Hernandez waxes grumpy about the dearth of opportunities he's been given with the U.S. Men's National Team (USMNT). I don't think I've ever disguised my affection for Hernandez and this piece only deepened my appreciation. Excerpts can't do his comments justice, so you'll have to read the whole thing.

RevsNet pulled together a servicably (whoa...spelling?) thorough report from the New England Revolution's first training camp. It's all there from who's there, to who's not, to Tony Lochhead's new do. The best news in there is that Pat Noonan is healthy and training....my word, what a difference that would make to the gloomy mood out New England way (at least in the Big Soccer universe). Between Noonan's improvement and Hernandez's swagger, I'm optimistic the Revs can at least field a solid starting 11. After that....mmmmm...best not say.

I've already linked to Marc Connolly's "happy" five points about the U.S. win, but there was one passage in there of interest to Revs' fans: Michael Parkhurst's chances with the USMNT. Connolly figures that between Cory Gibbs (if healthy...ever), Oguchi Onyewu, Jimmy Conrad, and Carlos Bocanegra, Parkhurst, along with DC's Bobby Boswell, and Houston's Eddie Robinson, are going to have a hell of a time cracking the USMNT central defense (if you want to see the argument in full, check out Point #2) For the record, I'm OK with that. All those guys are pretty good.

OK, one last thing: in the sidebar to the RevsNet training camp report, there was a poll posing the question of whether the team should can head coach Steve Nicol or not. The results so far:

"59% NO, we made it to MLS Cup
10% YES, We can't win the big one
6%, NO, we overachieved
4% YES, we're boring to watch
20% let's give him one more year"

For the record, I did the one more year thing. My second choice was, "Yes, We Can't Win the Big One." I also mulled "Yes, We're boring to watch

You've got one year, Nicol. One year.


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