Preseason Notes

Crap. It just occurred to me: is preseason one word, or is it hypenated? Mmm...the on-screen dictionary provided by Apple tells me it's one word. Hmmm....I have been having trouble with inserting hyphens where they don't belong lately.

Anyway, here's the latest pre-season - dammit - preseason stuff I saw out there.

Houston Dynamo
I'm only going to note that the Soccer y Futbol blog looks like they'll be covering the Dynamo's preseason pretty thoroughly. Good for them, kudos, etc.

Chivas USA
There's a fair bit of activity in Chivas Land, though most of it involves player status and movement as opposed to actual training camp news. LA Soccer News reports that a pair of Mexican players from the Chivas mothership will try out: forward Edwin Borboa and defender Jorge Barrera. In other news, John O'Brien's Barbaro-esque existence continues, though I don't think we'll have to go so far as putting him down; the same article reports that Ramon Ramirez will return to help marshall the Chivas midfield in 2007.

Los Angeles Galaxy
Waivers, waivers, waivers. The Daily Breeze reports the Galaxy waived a few players, the most surprsing of them being forward Cornell Glen; I'm also a bit surprised about Guillermo "Memo" Gonzalez as well. Another waiver, Josh Saunders, will come up later...

Toronto FC
The Toronto Star ran a story that focuses on new signing Carl Robinson, who, I have to confess, looks nothing like what I thought he would. That doesn't mean I know what I expected, only that what I'm seeing in the photo attached to the article wasn't it. Some other useful details: coach Mo Johnston is trying to acquire an international forward, as well as some other players - he thinks he's close on the striker; Maurice Edu, the #1 pick in this year's Superdraft, expects to learn a lot from Robinson, so that's an interesting wrinkle - and Edu is also carrying a minor knock.


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