Welsh Invasion to TFC (and Feeling Cruel)

The tease that headlined MLSnet.com this morning has finally become the announcement that Toronto FC has signed Welsh midfielder Carl Robinson from England's Norwich City. As often seems to happen, another outlet, the Toronto Star in this case, broke word of the signing before the official announcement.

Because I had never heard of Robinson, I did a quick check on his name (very quick; we're talking Wikipedia (LINK), where I tend to go if I don't want to think hard), where I discovered something:

"After a loan spell with Norwich City, he signed for The Canaries permanently for £50,000 on a 2½-year deal in January 2006. It was the first time in his career that a transfer fee had been paid for his services."

To quote Scooby-Doo, "Rut-roh." One doesn't get the best and brightest feeling from this signing. Though, as always, I'd be delighted to eat my words. Prove me wrong, Mr. Robinson. Prove me wrong.

One final point: will Robinson be the first Welshman ever in MLS? Now that would be kind of cool. Maybe he can get Simon Davies over here.



NathanHJ said...

Re: Welshmen in MLS...

Two words: Andy Dorman.

By the way I love your blog, visit often (well, often in the past month) and wonder why no one comments.


The Manly Ferry said...

So....given this is (supposedly) a New England Revolution blog, this would be a clear exception to the rule about emailing me and telling me I'm an idiot. Crap. Yes, you're absolutely correct: Andy Dorman.


Thanks for visting and I'm glad you like it.