Signings/Moves/Rumors: Perkins, Mina & More

(Editorial Note: I have to confess that I felt like my editorial experiment with making sprawling, multi-subject posts did some damage to my visits. Put another way, it seems like readers follow subjects - e.g. a player's name, team names, etc. - while leaving the general information stuff to, frankly, better and first-hand sources. I can't say I blame them for that, but doing posts by subject groupings saves me a good chunk of time while allowing for broader coverage. As such, I think I'll stick with this kind of thing, even as it's not doing me any favors visitors-wise.)

Caveats out of the way, let's look at some of the movement, shall we?

DC United
Surprised as I am it took as long as it did, Troy Perkins signed a new deal with DC United. Let's hope this one's not a parking-lot mugging like the last one, yeah? Not that we'll know; the terms of the deal were not least not till tomorrow, when Steve Goff fills in some blanks (UPDATE: already done, actually, though not confirmed).

FC Dallas
The most interesting signing/rumor news of the day comes out of Dallas, even if it comes at the bottom of a puff-piece on Kenny Cooper's national team ambitions (a player interested in continuing to play for his country? No!!) Roberto Mina signed a new, two-year deal to stay in Dallas, which strikes me as good news for the Hoops; when Mina's good, he's a tough one to contain. But more intriguing than that is word that FC Dallas is chasing a young Colombian midfielder named Juan Carlos Toja. As often happens, I know nothing about this kid and, while I could probably find something in the Spanish-language media (with the help of my new friends!!), it's better, 1) to wait till he signs - why spazz now, and 2) to see how he does if and when he arrives in MLS.

Chicago Fire
Just to make the "rumors" part of the headline add up, I think I'll note the Chicago Fire's interest in Celtic FC forward Maciej Zurawski. That's listed under "Players of Local Interest," which makes sense for Zurawski, but Rafa Marquez?


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