Chivas USA's Coaching Search

I read somewhere a bit ago that former USMNT and former LA Galaxy head coach Steve Sampson was on the short list for the Chivas USA job. Based on what they're reporting over on LA Soccer News, Sampson is now either off that list or he was never on it. They've got the tussle for the top spot whittled down to three: Predrag Radosavljevic (that's Preki to you and me), Fernando Quirarte, and Paco Ramirez.

The part of my brain that likes experiments hopes that one of the Mexican coaches gets the job. It'd be nice to have a field-test as to what a Mexican coach can do in this league, as opposed to someone with "MLS pedigree" or "knowledge of the MLS player." Put another way, we've had "other" foreign coaches (with most of them coaching the MetroStars), but I can't recall a Mexican coach from Mexico - e.g. a guy who played and coached in the Mexican leagues before heading north. I suppose it's easier to talk about experiments on a team other than the one you support.

With that last sentence in mind, though, I'm happy for Chivas fans that the lost report referred to at the top didn't pan out. I'd wish a plague of herpes on opposition fans before cursing them with Steve Sampson for a head coach...OK, maybe not that...but, in all seriousness, I'm not sold on the man as a coach...he's probably a fine human being and all that, though.....right?


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