A Corollary to "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"

That would be, “Don’t hype the stupid shit.”

“MLS Set for Denver Announcement”
For the past day and a half, that’s the headline one sees when MLSnet.com opens on their web browser.

And today we discover that the “major announcement” behind all this hype is that Denver’s own Dick’s Sporting Goods Stadium (“The Dick,” for short) will host this summer’s MLS All-Star game. And, yes, Scotland’s Celtic FC’s appearance in the event looks to be confirmed.

Here I thought we had something major, like a the latest player signed under the Beckham Rule. Who knows? Maybe that's still coming - though I doubt it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m pleased for the city of Denver and hope they make out like bandits; ditto for MLS. Revenue aside, this is a nothing event, a pre-season game and an unwelcome distraction smack in the middle of the regular season. It doesn't need six to seven months of hype.



john said...

Amen brother, I would be thrilled if they did away with the All Star game altogether.

Eric Salsbery said...

A very entertaining read as usual.
The best part is that this "major, historic announcement" that recieved all the hype over the last day and a bit was let out of the bag last November at the supporters summit. So the only thing that was announced is the confirmation of the all ready known ASG in Denver against the already widely known opponent, Celtic FC.

I am so glad that I did not lose any sleep obsessing over what Colorado might have spent some money on that might help them against RSL this season.

I was totally under-whelmed!