On Onyewu to Chelsea

I've hesitated to post on this since word hit the Web, but figure with the typically cautious Associated Press as the conduit and with Oguchi Onyewu's agent confirming talks, it's probably fer reals.

So, Onyewu to Chel$ki, eh?

My initial reaction was, don't do it, kid. The upside of going to a big club shrinks dramatically if you can only expect time on the pine. It took an "other item" blurb in a New York Times report (on youth and the Denmark game, if you must know) turned me around on the subject:

"His agent, Will Sherling, told The Associated Press that Onyewu had turned down possible transfers to Fulham, Middlesbrough and Real Madrid because he would not be assured of a regular place in the lineup."

“'I don’t know if that’s the case with Chelsea,' Sherling said. 'The best club for him is one that will develop his profile as a player. He doesn’t need to get tangled up in which club is bigger than the next.'”

Well, OK then. Looks like they're thinking straight. And it'd be good to see Onyewu regularly on the TV...can't say I've ever seen regular broadcasts from the Belgiam league.


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