RSL Stadium: Monday Morning Buzz-Kill

Not that there's a buzz to kill on a Monday morning.


One of the first things I saw on this morning was RSL statement on debt review decision. That didn't look like a happy headline, but it's got nothing on the Deseret News blurb that topped the Google News search, the relevant copy of which appears below:

"KSL Newsradio this morning is reporting that plans to build a soccer stadium in Salt Lake County are dead."

"KSL's Doug Wright spoke with Real Salt Lake owner Dave Checketts this morning. Checketts says based on a phone conversation he had with Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon, Real Salt Lake soccer is done. Checketts says the team will likely stay in Utah for one more year, then it will probably be sold."

That certainly sounds final. It also does something to the general momentum Major League Soccer has enjoyed for the past year. Still, given how surly this fight got, one can't call this too surprising. Depressing, probably - I know I developed a soft spot for Real Salt Lake this past season. But, surprising? Nope.

UPDATE: An article run in the Deseret News last Saturday picks through the places where a county-commissioned Debt Review Committee disagreed with RSL's numbers. For what it's worth, and coming from a second-hand observer, an article run last week on the concert-going habits of Salt Lake City dwellers goes some distance to justifying the committee's queasiness about RSL's projections. As much as I'd rather they build the thing, I can definitely see where the committee is coming from.


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