MLS Rosters: Enough Ammo?

A Houston Chronicle article looking ahead to the Houston Dynamo's defense of its 2006 title contains one interesting passage on what they're up against in 2007:

"Only one team — D.C. United in 1997 — has successfully defended an MLS title. The Dynamo have a chance to be the second, but their schedule never has looked busier. In addition to the regular season (through October), the Dynamo will be competing in Champions' Cup (February-April), the newly established SuperLiga (July-August) and likely the U.S. Open Cup (July-September)."

"'If we are successful in all the things that we're in this year, we'll play 50-plus games,' [Head Coach Dominic] Kinnear said.

So, that's "50-plus games" - though probably less than that, given the givens - and they're going to do this with 28 players? Or just 18 on the senior roster?

While this question always starts with whether or not the talent exists, at some point you'd think teams would be thrilled just to have enough warm bodies on the field. If nothing else, that could spell the senior roster here and there throughout what looks to be a brutal season.

So, is it time to expand the rosters for MLS teams? If so, how high do they go? How high can they go?

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