Latest on RSL Stadium

I'm posting this in the hopes that some of the Real Salt Lake (RSL) fans out there can translate for those of us outside the Salt Lake City area. The main point where assistance is needed comes with any insight into whether the Deseret News just hates RSL; their copy tends toward apparent hostility to any stadium deal.

Today's article on the latest testimony is no different. The thrust of the Deseret News' piece leads with the fact that many of the public partners - mainly the city of Sandy and the Jordan school district - seem either unable or unwilling to commit the public money to make this deal fly.

Against that, a story in the Salt Lake Tribune looks at the stadium situation through what reads like polished and pretty testimony to the relevant public bodies by RSL and Major League Soccer (MLS) officials.

How to read between the two versions? I've got no idea. Still, it sounds like we'll know whether the deal lives or dies before the start of the 2007 season.


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